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Hello, I am very glad that you can use the Star app. I am the developer of the app, AuxinDaddy.

As you can see, I’m just an individual developer. I developed this app for my hobbies. Due to the maintenance and updating of business hours, I may not be able to provide timely feedback on your needs or suggestions. Please forgive me. But please rest assured that I will definitely stick to it and that any good suggestions or opinions have already been adopted. You may contact me through my QQ: 33142100.

Star’s original intention of this app is for everyone’s health. Now people have a fast pace of life. It is easy to ignore health, or affection, or love. Star is everyone’s assistant, reminds you to exercise in moderation, or read books, and go to work to punch cards. some type of.

Because Star is a personal development, we will try our best not to collect everyone’s private information. After all, it is still a very expensive thing to store information. We will inform you if there is any demand.

Currently collected information includes: mobile number, nickname, health information (from HealthKit), company location (used for reminding punching and other functions), and follow-up may be done with some light social functions.

Finished, I hope everyone’s happy.

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